Reading Lists
Adult - All That Jazz About Musicals

If you love musicals this list is for you.

Adult - Award Winning Audiobooks

Award winning audiobooks for those who prefer to listen to a book.

Adult - Books in English by Hispanic Authors

English language books by Hispanic authors.

Adult - Books in Spanish by Hispanic Authors

Spanish language books by Hispanic authors.

Adult - Books Made into Films

Books made into films from a variety of genres from Rom-Coms to Sci-Fi. 

Adult - Books Set Elsewhere

Reading can transport you around the world. Try one of these books that are set anywhere but here.

Adult - Books That Make You Laugh

A list of light hearted and humorous books to make you laugh.

Adult - Contemporary Romances

If you love love - check out these modern romances.

Adult - Culinary Memoirs

The next best thing to eating a great meal is reading about a great meal. Check out these culinary memoirs.

Adult - Dystopian Fiction

Gain a fresh perspective on society and politics through these dystopian fiction books.

Adult - Extreme Sport and Expedition True Stories

Books featuring real-life adventures and expeditions in wild places.

Adult - Fantasy

Magic, mythical beings, unrealistic settings, the supernatural - that's fantasy fiction and here are some great choices.

Adult - Fiction Stories Under 200 Pages

Don't have much time to read? Here's a list of quick reads with only 200 pages or less.

Adult - Graphic Novels

Graphic novels featuring literary fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, history, and much more.

Adult - Historical Romances

If you love a romance set in the past, these historical romances are for you.

Adult - History that Reads like Fiction

History is filled with powerful stories and here are some true accounts that read like fiction.

Adult - Horror Novels

Books to frighten, scare, or repulse you.

Adult - Indian Fiction

Books set in India, written by Indian authors, or with Indian characters.

Adult - Love & Romance by People of Color

Love is a universal language. Here's a list of love and romance books written by people of color.

Adult - Mysterious & Unexplained

Are UFO's, flying humanoids, and mysterious men and beasts real? Find out by reading some of the 15 books on this list.

Adult - Natural Florida Nonfiction

Florida and nature are practically synonymous. Check out some fabulous Florida nature with these nonfiction titles.

Adult - Postmodern Literature

Postmodern literature is a form of literature which is marked, both stylistically and ideologically, by a reliance on such literary conventions as fragmentation ...
[view detail for full info]

Adult - Science Fiction

Science Fiction fans - here's a list for you!

Adult - Time Travel Thrillers

Thrillers and suspense novels that have time travel as one of their central themes.

Adult - U.S. Poet Laureates

Poetry books by the Poet Laureates of the U.S.

Adult - Weird Florida

There's more to Florida than just beautiful beaches and theme parks. Here are 20 books about weird, strange, and odd happenings in our Sunshine State.

Adult - Wholesome Pet Stories

Our pets are amazing! Read some feel good stories about pet dogs, cats, chickens, parrots, and even an owl!

Adult - Women & War

Women have played many important roles in wars. Here are books about daring women who served in the military, worked in field hospitals,  and collected critical intelligence as spies.

Easy - Fairy Tales & Folk Tales

Fairy tales and folk tales - classic and modern retellings

JFIC - 1st and 2nd Grade Chapter Books

Beginning chapter books for 1st and 2nd graders

JFIC - 3rd Grade Favorites

Lexile Reading Level 430-590+

JFIC - 4th Grade Favorites

Lexile Reading Level 580-810

JFIC - 5th Grade Favorites

Lexile Reading Level 630-960

JFIC - Fantasy

Lexile Reading Level 410 - 970

JFIC - Historical

Lexile Reading Level 580 - 1040

JFIC - Percy Jackson Read-Alikes

Lexile Reading Level: 640 - 1070

JFIC - Realistic Fiction

Lexile Reading Level 550 - 830

JFIC - Sports

Lexile Reading Level 620 - 910 

JGN - Juvenile Graphic Novels

Lexile Reading Level 210 - 650

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