Reading Lists
Adult - Books Made into Films

Books made into films from a variety of genres from Rom-Coms to Sci-Fi. 

Adult - Books Set Elsewhere

Reading can transport you around the world. Try one of these books that are set anywhere but here.

Adult - Contemporary Romances

If you love love - check out these modern romances.

Adult - Culinary Memoirs

The next best thing to eating a great meal is reading about a great meal. Check out these culinary memoirs.

Adult - Extreme Sport and Expedition True Stories

Books featuring real-life adventures and expeditions in wild places.

Adult - Fantasy

Magic, mythical beings, unrealistic settings, the supernatural - that's fantasy fiction and here are some great choices.

Adult - Hispanic Authors

English language books by Hispanic authors.

Adult - Historical Romances

If you love a romance set in the past, these historical romances are for you.

Adult - History that Reads like Fiction

History is filled with powerful stories and here are some true accounts that read like fiction.

Adult - Indian Fiction

Books set in India, written by Indian authors, or with Indian characters.

Adult - Natural Florida Nonfiction

Florida and nature are practically synonymous. Check out some fabulous Florida nature with these nonfiction titles.

Adult - Postmodern Literature

Postmodern literature is a form of literature which is marked, both stylistically and ideologically, by a reliance on such literary conventions as fragmentation ...
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Adult - Science Fiction

Science Fiction fans - here's a list for you!

Adult - U.S. Poet Laureates

Poetry books by the Poet Laureates of the U.S.

Easy - Fairy Tales & Folk Tales

Fairy tales and folk tales - classic and modern retellings

JFIC - 1st and 2nd Grade Chapter Books

Beginning chapter books for 1st and 2nd graders

JFIC - 3rd Grade Favorites

Lexile Reading Level 430-590+

JFIC - 4th Grade Favorites

Lexile Reading Level 580-810

JFIC - 5th Grade Favorites

Lexile Reading Level 630-960

JFIC - Fantasy

Lexile Reading Level 410 - 970

JFIC - Historical

Lexile Reading Level 580 - 1040

JFIC - Percy Jackson Read-Alikes

Lexile Reading Level: 640 - 1070

JFIC - Realistic Fiction

Lexile Reading Level 550 - 830

JFIC - Sports

Lexile Reading Level 620 - 910 

JGN - Juvenile Graphic Novels

Lexile Reading Level 210 - 650

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